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Backpack and go! was born after my husband Alex and me tried to buy a backpack for our 7 year old, when she was going to year 3 in school. We realised that the options in the UK were very limited, especially when compared to other places like the US and Europe.

We were shocked to see so many high quality options available in America, and when the same model was available in the UK it was with huge mark ups. As one example, a backpack sold in the US for £30 was being sold in Amazon for £120! 

There are some interesting high-quality options in the UK, but they are limited and so most people tend to go for the cheap options available in supermarket chains, where you are lucky if they last for more than a year. Another option is to try and find designer brands, but you never know if the quality is right.

So we built Backpack and go! to offering exclusive, high quality, durable and cool backpacks to the British market. We hope you enjoy the website and tell all your friends and family about it.



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